How to display post thumbnail in WordPress – 2nd alternative

Ok, previously I already write a short tutorial on how to display post thumbnail on blog posts, and now we will go through the 2nd alternative on how to do that in different way.

For now the trick is using WordPress custom field and with a few line of code on our theme file. Personally, I love WordPress custom field, its so flexible and the possibility of ways to use it are endless. Just limited by your imagination. Continue reading

How to display post thumbnail in WordPress – 3rd alternative

This time I will try to give you a small WordPress trick on thumbnail creation for your blog post. There are several ways of doing this, but because I like to code so we will do it in the coder way. Thats why I put “3rd alternative” at the end of this post title because I will try to show you two more ways of displaying post thumbnail in my next posts.

I start with the 3rd alternative because maybe its rarely used these days because WordPress has already a better way to insert post thumbnail/image in post. And then we will go through “2nd alternative” by using WordPress Custom field and the last is the “1st alternative” by using WordPress Featured image. Continue reading

My first ‘kiss’ to WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugins, what’s in your mind when the first time hear the word of “WordPress Plugins”?

for me, at the beginning of my experience with WordPress it’s sounds like a something that I will never touch. Why? because I think it’s a game of WordPress master only and the PHP master only.

There is a time when I really want to learn this new stuff and all of it, I start with reading few tutorials related to WordPress plugin creation. But I am stuck and lost between Hooks, Action, Filter and other functions.

Later I realize that, all of those problems cames up because I didn’t understand the very very basic of plugin it self and how it works. And everything is just black. Continue reading

I switched to UBUNTU Linux


Finally, few days ago I do a massive changes on how do I work in web development.

For a few years, all of my development process from designing and coding a website is all on Windows operating system. And now I moved to fully Ubuntu Linux environment. So what makes me to do this changes?

The Reasons :

  1. I am tired of virus attacks and all of its problems, there is a time when I really love to clean computer worms/viruses manually. I like to figure out how this virus works and what it does on my PC. Its challenging, and I learn a lot from the process. But everything is different now, since I got more and more clients to work with and more project is coming, I have no time to play with viruses hide and seek game. I need more time to focus into my work and there are no exception for virus to screwed up my project and deadline time. So its time to move to a better environment. Continue reading

4 Free WordPress theme for your design portfolio

As a designer, no matter you are a web designer, graphic designer, photographer or other creative work and want to show your work to the world, then what you need is a great portfolio site. There is lot of options for you to create this type of website, lot of peoples create their flash based site to showcase their previous work and others use their blog or regular website(non-Flash).

Because most of  the topics I write here  is about WordPress, today I will show you 4 free WordPress themes that you can use to start your portfolio site. Actually there are lot more themes out there both free and premium themes, but at this time I will show you only 4 of them based on their simplicity, portfolio looks and of course free of charge. Lets build the list  :

Continue reading